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Even more Barcelona by Lucy

My favorite things about Barcelona are seeing the cute ferrets at the pet stands in the market. My mommy won't let me have one because it is against the law in California. I liked going to the aquarium because we got to see a big, big fossil of a big, big shark. I liked the big cannon at the castle we went to because we got to pretend we were shooting out of it. And I also liked the box turtles we saw at the pet stand. My mom liked the tiny turtles. And I liked going to a store where they sell delicate masks and puppets. I also liked the most when we went into a church where we saw a statue of St. Lucy. Finally we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and it was very relaxing and they had a cool big paper dragon hanging from the ceiling. I am having a lot of fun!

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More Barcelona by Gracie

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Day 5 - Yesterday we had a picnic lunch on a castle (Montjuic) which was really fun because we got to feed birds and look at cannons that were hundreds of years old. We looked for two slides that were recommended but we couldn't find them. We rode on the Metro, took a funicular and learned/teased about Franco. By our apartment is a busy market that sells bunnies and every time we pass the bunnies we have to stop and I beg my mom for one. I can't believe she says "no" to such cute bunnies. We walked through the Gotic section again in search of cinnamon bread that I thought I saw the other day. It was raining in the morning but sunny in time for our picnic. We spent about 1/2 hour waiting (Mommy made us) for the fountain show but it is only at night so we have to go back. We made pizza for dinner and it was yummy.


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Barcelona Continued

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Day 4 - Sunny and warm. I promised a morning at the aquarium so after breakfast we walked down Las Ramblas, past the Christopher Columbus monument that we like, to L'Aquarium Barcelona. It was a decent aquarium but we all agreed that Monterey blows it away. We dined on Tapas on the waterfront and enjoyed trying all of the different items (ok, maybe I enjoyed it a little more then the girls did).


Grace and Lucy agreed to do my choice in the afternoon and we walked up to the Picasso Museum in the Gotic section of the city. The streets and buildings are centuries old with ornate rod iron lamp posts hanging from the buildings. Many of the streets are so narrow that no cars are allowed so we enjoyed walking down the middle of the street soaking in the sights. The Picasso Museum showcases his earlier days and was a treat. I was totally impressed when Gracie was telling me about his "blue" and "pink" periods before he began doing "cubist" art. She learned it all at school and was right on with what they were telling us at the museum - go Montclair!! Of course Lucy loved that almost all of the cubist art they displayed had a dog in the painting. :)

Speaking of dogs, the people in Barcelona love their dogs and let me tell you, the girls are loving the dogs too. It's funny travelling with kids because they are all about the animals. I will be pointing out a beautiful church or the steps where Columbus was rumored to have been received by Ferdinand and Isabella after he "founded" the New World and they are talking about the cute bassett hound that just walked by. I'm hoping some of it sinks in...

Adios for now.

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First Stop - Barcelona, Spain

And a few hiccups along the way

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Day 1 - 26 hours after leaving our house in Oakland at 3am we arrived in sunny Barcelona, Spain. The fresh air on our faces outside of the airport felt great. As we arrived at our apartment in The Raval section of the city I realized my wallet was missing. We traced back our steps and believe it was taken by the shady character next to us on the plane from Frankfurt. He must have taken it while we were all passed out on the plane. He got some Euros (about 50) and my credit cards but thankfully nothing else and we feel the univerise will take care of him somehow. So after a frantic call to grandma we were able to get money from Western Union and new cards are on their way. Stressful? Yes, but it didn't dampen our spirits and it just made us more aware of our surroundings. We then walked around the neighborhood, ate mediocre Mexican food (what did we expect?!), left the restaurant because it was full of smokers, and collapsed on our beds around 9pm.

Day 2 - The weather was beautiful and we wandered down Las Ramblas to get our first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea and then hopped on an on/off double decker bus for a tour of the City. We were all amazed at Gaudi's archtecture and devoted the day to viewing some of his famous works. La Sagrada Familia is a church that has been under construction for 125+ years and we all hope to come back when it's completed to hear the choirs sing. Gracie's favorite spot of the day was La Sagrada Familia and Lucy loved Parc Guell, another one of Gaudi's marvels. Our lucky moment of the day was Gracie leaving her scarf on the bus in the morning but finding it when we were getting off the bus in the late afternoon. We just happened to be on the same bus :) Our apartment is in a wonderful location and we enjoy being able to walk to so many touristy spots but also feel like we are living among the locals.


Day 3 - It's raining today so we decided to use our 2nd day of the bus tour ticket and just see some sights from the bus. We then toured La Pedrera, an apartment building that Gaudi designed and the chimneystacks on top were the inspiration for the stormtroopers in Star Wars. Very cool! After our tour we came back to take a siesta and then head out for a late dinner. We are quickly adapting to Spanish-time. Another highlight of the day was shopping in the Mercat de la Boqueria which is a beautiful market full of fruit, veggies, cheeses, and of course the favorite of the kids, mounds of candy. Lucy bought a candy snake that has become her pet for the day. The WiFi is finally working so we will be able to update the blog more often. We are looking forward to exploring more of Barcelona over the next 4 days.


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Our itinerary

As it stands today

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